Fractals (Art to Applied Science)

This text is a reference for learning and mastering fractals (theoretical and applied perspective). In these pages, we provide links to official code and documentation, discuss how the fractal algorithms function, present code examples in editable sandboxes with explanations.

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Copyright © 2023 Benjamin Kenwright.

The code for this book was developed by Benjamin Kenwright and is licensed under the MIT license.

The cover art was created by Benjamin Kenwright and is based on a fractal example from the text.

Special thanks to reviewers, colleagues and friends for input and discussion while developing the initial versions of the text.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Fractals

Chapter 2: Fractal Geometry

Chapter 3: Fractal Applications

Chapter 4: Fractal Algorithms and Techniques

Chapter 5: Fractal Software and Tools

Chapter 6: Fractal Challenges and Future Directions

Chapter 7: Fractal Variations and Extensions

Chapter 8: Fractal Connections and Contexts

Chapter 9: Fractal Experiments and Projects

Chapter 10: Conclusion and Future Directions